Proactive Healthcare Staffing: The Go-To Occupational Therapist Staffing Agency

In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, the transformative power of occupational therapy is increasingly recognized. Proactive Healthcare Staffing, a preeminent Occupational Therapist Staffing Agency, is committed to bridging the gap between exceptional occupational therapists and the healthcare facilities that need them.

Unleashing the Power of Top-Tier Occupational Therapists

Our cadre of occupational therapists comprises highly trained professionals who bring their expertise to diverse healthcare settings. These top-tier occupational therapists are patient-centered practitioners who customize therapy programs to meet individual patient needs and enrich lives. As reliable partners in the demanding healthcare industry, our staff is committed to their roles, ensuring that patients receive the care they need when needed. Our therapists are not just employees; they are the heart of our mission to provide outstanding patient care.

Occupational Therapist Staffing: Our Strength, Your Success

Our robust Occupational Therapist Staffing services cater to many occupational therapy jobs. We swiftly fill roles with highly qualified candidates in various settings, including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, and medical clinics. Our success lies in connecting quality candidates with the right opportunities.

Why Choose Proactive Healthcare Staffing?

Partnering with our Occupational Therapist Staffing Agency means:

  • Collaborating with a team managed by seasoned healthcare professionals who understand the industry’s unique needs.
  • Benefit from our commitment to ongoing education and training, ensuring our occupational therapists stay abreast of the latest practices.
  • Enjoy the convenience of our 24/7 scheduling system, designed to meet your staffing needs promptly.
  • Trusting in our commitment to high-quality care, as demonstrated by our pending Joint Commission Certification.

Ignite Your Career with Our Occupational Therapy Jobs

Are you an occupational therapist seeking new career challenges? At Proactive Healthcare Staffing, we offer not just jobs but career-enriching experiences. We offer competitive pay, diverse work environments, flexible scheduling options, and a comprehensive benefits package, including a 401k plan for those working 20+ hours per week. Our reward program for long-term positions recognizes and rewards the talents and dedication of our staff.

Proactive Healthcare Staffing is a leading Occupational Therapist Staffing Agency that connects skilled and experienced occupational therapists with various healthcare facilities in Washington and Oregon.

Our occupational therapists are patient-centered practitioners with significant expertise across diverse healthcare settings. They are dedicated to meeting individual patient needs through personalized therapy programs and are reliable partners committed to delivering timely care.

We are committed to continuous education and training, ensuring our occupational therapists are equipped with up-to-date practices. Managed by experienced healthcare professionals, we seek Joint Commission Certification to underscore our commitment to high-quality care.

Our occupational therapists enjoy competitive pay, diverse work settings, flexible shift selections, rewards for long-term positions, and a 401k plan for those working 20+ hours per week.

We're eager to connect with you! Whether you're a healthcare facility seeking skilled occupational therapists or a professional exploring new career paths, you can contact us through our website. We look forward to partnering with you.


Eastside is becoming Proactive!

Our commitment to providing excellent healthcare staffing in the Pacific Northwest continues as Eastside Healthcare transitions to Proactive Healthcare Staffing